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Efoiling in St Martin

Experience the thrill of E foiling in Orient bay, Saint-martin , 

Fly over the water whilst exploring Orient bay and the islands. Electric foiling (efoiling) is so easy that almost anyone can learn, yet it is engaging for even the most experienced watersports athletes. Efoiling is fast, quiet and emission free - giving you the sensation of flying over water with the freedom to ride anywhere and anytime, without wind or waves. Electric foiling is as exhilarating as surfing without the waves so prepare yourself for an adreneline-filled day at premier e-foiling location!

- 1 hour introduction lesson: learn how to control your throttle and  speedand positionning your weight on the board. 10 minutes developing these skills on knees. Then standing up and rising fast on the board with weight forward but not foiling. Followed by starting to foil at a low height with touch downs. it typically takes  40 minute sessions for people to really get it. Our instructor will follow you with a mororboat, take you on flat water and will give you instruction with a radio coaching system (BB talking)  Price 150 €  Book now

- 1/2 hour intermediate lesson: Discovery class, you will start to lift the foil. Price 75 € Book now

- 1 hours DUO session: a semi-private session to learn how to foil. 1 instructor, 1 board for 2 persons. You will start to learn how to fly above the water.

Price 200 € Book now

book your e foiling lesson, electric foil will take you above the water

With Takuma efoil, flying above the water has never been so easy. 

We select the best equipment for you to lear, a short mast at the beginning (50 cm), a wide board (7 ft) and flat water.

After a 10 minutes introduction to learn how to use the controller, the instructor will take you with a motorboat on flat water, you start to lift.

Enjoy flying above the water!