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Discover E Foiling

Efoiling requires a introductionary class (minimum of one hour) to start to get going safely.


You will need to learn the following steps:

Knowleges of the machine and how to fall:

- avoid the front wing / propeler

- fall backward (keep the efoil in front of you)

Learn how to control the remote and speed (no take off)

- Laying on the board, control the speed, emergency stops  (release the trigger)

- learn how to center your center of gravity and start carving.

Learn how move on your knees (no take off)

- accelerating, slow down

- experience the first lifts and toouch down (learn how to wipe out!)

- stabilize your body on your knees and start to fly

- fly on your knees and turns

This will be a 30 minutes tuition. Mention protection equipment will be provided (boots, gloves, lifejacket, helmet, longsleeves shirts, pant and radio)


Learn how to stand up ( no lifts)

- acceleration, wipe out

- learn how to carve and get your direction

Learn the first lifts

- stabilize your body 

- body position and feet pressure

- experience the first turns while flying!


This step will take another 30 minutes, so within one hour you will be riding!