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Wing foil st martin

Wingfoil is a new fascination and type of surfing. It combines different types of surfing into a new water sport. A bit of surfing, a bit of windsurfing and a little bit of kitesurfing and the combination is perfect. It is easy and for everybody, after only 2-3 lessons, you will be able to fly above the water!


WINGSUP LESSONS:  You will learn how to use the wing first on a paddle board.Wing control and balance on the board. We will take you in the lagoon with a motorboat and you will do a downwinder to the schooL. Once you are able to ride crossind r upwind, you will be ready for the Wingfoil.

Learn how to use the wing and balance your body on the sup.


WINGFOIL LESSONS: Once you know how to control the wing, you will have to control the foilboard. We can use a motorboat to teach yu how to control the foil in the air (or efoil if you whish). Then, you will have to cordinate both, wing and board.

Learn how to ride the foiboard behind a motorboat

Fly above the water after few lessons

1 hour lesson 80 €

4 x 1 hour Lesson 270 €



You can rent any Takuma Wingride and board. We rent by the hour, daily or weekly

1 hour rental 40 €

1 week rental 310 €

Also SUP Foil: we offer SUP foiling, perfect to ride the small waves we have in St Martin

And Surf foiling (Takuma foils)

You want to Buy Takuma foiling gear?