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FAQ Lessons

1) should I take private lesson or group lessons? If you are first timers, private lessons will give you the basics hassle free. We highly recommend you to have private lessons until you are able to ride downwind (after 2 or 3 sessions), so that the instructor stay close to you and correct you right away This will be the fastest way to enjoy kiteboarding. Group lessons (semi private) will be perfect for your progression to become independent (start to ride crosswind and maybe upwind).

2) Is Orient bay safe to learn kiteboarding? Orient beach is a busy beach, with many jets skis , parasails and boats around. So avoiding others can be tricky, that's why unexperienced kiters will prefer to have the instructor close by, and take private lessons. Beginners will start in the shallow waters of the lagoon and Green cay

3) How will our instructor stay close to you? We use motorboat to follow you , and we will stay close by during the whole lesson. Also, we will communicate with the radio helmet.

4) Is Orient beach shallow or deep? Beginners will start in shallow water (in the lagoon), but once you need to ride downwind, you will be in deep water.

5) Do I need to bring anything with me for the lesson? All kiting and safety equipment is provided...harness, life jacket, helmet, appropriately sized kites, kiteboard, etc. You will want to bring: Sunscreen Water Sunglasses are a good idea as you are looking up in the sky in the afternoon. (we will provide you a strap) Rashguard (we do sell Gokitesurfing rash guard for 35 €),

6) What is the best time of day for lessons? we do have a 3 session: 9 am, 11 am or 2:30 pm. As mornings are windier, we recommend beginners to do lessons in the afternoom and intermediates/advanced in the morning.

7) Do I need to be fit and strong to learn kiteboarding? Kiteboarding is a technical sport, and strength is really not necessary. The only quality you will need is patience, be able to swim easily (you will have a lifejacket) to stabilize your body and be concentrate.

8) I never did any watersports in my life, can I start kiteboarding? As long as you are confortable in the water, no surfing or wake boarding experience is necessary. Of course, it will help, but kiteboarding required mostly kite control, so flying skills are more important.

8) what is the minimum age limit to learn to kitesurfing? We will teach students above 10 years-old and they must weigh more than 35kg. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present during the lesson.

10) What happen if there is no wind when I have my lesson booked? If the lesson is cancelled or stopped due to lack of wind we reschedule lesson and give you a credit for the remaining time at no cost to you. We will be honest and won't give lessons if the conditions are not suitable (we will need 11-12 knots wind for water lessons).

11) How many days should I plan on staying there to have a good experience and take it on by myself? You should plan to stay for a week; if the wind is good, a week will be enough time for you to be able to to ride kite by yourself. In private lessons, 5 sessions of 2 hours will be enough to go on your own. You could also do one session in the morning and one session in the afternoom, so after only 3 days, you could go on your own... In semi private lesson, you will need twice this time.