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Kite assistance and storage Orient Bay St Martin

Kite assistance

The center offers premium service for kiters on our KITE ZONE. We will help you launch your kite, land (you can use the air compressor) Also, rescue boat is possible in case of problem.

Weekly kite assistance 70 €

Daily Kite assistance 10 € 

Orient beach is only for advanced kiters (must be able to ride upwind). If you want to make sur to be able to ride Orient beach, the center offer assistance and upwind taxi boat.

Book taxi boat  (15 € per drop off)

Free Air Compressor

Kitezone at The Center - Launching and landing assistance by our team

Kite storage and assistance

We also offer kite storage (from 8:30 am to 5 pm) + assistance Price: 100€ weekly

A drop off also will help you discover the spot, you will be able to come back ashore in safety.

Our pro instructors will help you during your stay in Orient beach, so select the package you wish:

Taxi boat (1 drop off: 15 €)

Assistance (1 day assistance: 40 €)


We also offer gear storage wekkly 70 €