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Kitesurfing school in Orient bay, St Martin, Sint-maarten since 1998

If you are new to kiteboarding, learn the fundamental skills to get you safely into the sport (1 hour on land kite conrol) . You will be ready then to go in the water.


With your instructor at your side in the water, we offer Saint-martin's fastest and safest teaching progression!



You want to learn advance riding, no problem our team with teach you freestyling, strapless or kitefoiling.
We also organize kite downwinders and day kite trips to Anguilla 
You can also learn Wingfoil or E-Foil with us.


DUO session 2 persons 2 hours 200 €


Kite lessons progression, on land and water assistance, taxi boat and more...


- If you need supervision, this is also possible, more details here

Benefits of private lessons

If you really want to enjoy your lesson and get into kiteboarding, private lessons is a must.


Our beginner's students become independent after 4 or 5 sessions, compared to group or semi private lessons will require more lessons.


If you are almost independent, you may take few lessons and rent the gear on your own:

First lesson on the water (2 hours):


Second lesson on the water (2 hours):


Pack Lessons + gear: 2 free sessions

Get 2 x 2 hours lessons class (kite + board)  free for any purchase of a Cabrinha New Pack 2019

See rates

Foil lessons

Learn how to foil (only to independent kiters). After a 1 hour lesson, you will have the chance to start to fly on the foil. We use intermediate foils (CAbrinha Double Agent)

How to enjoy Kitefoiling- Theo Demanez from Theo Demanez on Vimeo.

Learn wave-riding, jumping, freestyle

Learn advanced skills with our instructor.

Wave-riding: we will take you on the best wave-riding spot (next to the center)