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Weekly program - Day Kite trips


Everyweek, we propose kite trips to Anguilla (Rendez-vous bay / Sandy Island / Dog Island / Prickly pear) , Tintamare, depending on the weather conditions. Please, check our events program to know more about the schedules and bookings.


TUESDAY: Kite trip to Anguilla with motor boat or catamaran

Depending on the weather and group,kite trip to Sandy island (motor boat) , or Rendez-vous bay (sailing catamaran 38 ft), perfect for non kiters. Private or group tour.

FRIDAY:  Motorboat kite trip to Anguilla and Sandy Island, downind  to Anguilla.

Group of 5 kiters maximum.

Including: possible downind to Rendez vous bay or riding in Rendez vous bay, Sandy island riding and downwind to Meads Bay. Tour including drinks (take your lunch ) , take your kite. Price 110 € per person (taxes not included) or 660 € for private trip.

SATURDAY: Tintamare island downwind

Afternoom, kiting around Tintamare island and back to the school (2 hours trip) Foiling excursion Price 60 €

SUNDAY: Sailing Trip to Anguilla Rendez-vous bay

Sail aboard our catamaran to Anguilla's Rendez vous bay beach, a long deserted white sandy beach.

Perfect for intermediates and non -kiters.

SUNDAY: KITE TRIP TO DOG ISLAND ( Prickly pear also possible)

Kite trip to Dog Island (and Prickly pear ) on motorboat. Price 990 € (up to 10 persons). Motorboat 2 x 150 hp (inflatable)