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Kitesurf steps with GoKiteSurfing Orient bay

Steps to learn kiteboarding - LESSON 1:

Get ready at the center (we'll provide you with harness, lifejacket, helmet) with our team (5 minutes), you will receive a 5 minutes theory and gear inspection and your instructor will take you to a safe area with the motorboat.

LESSON 1 (part 2) : You will learn how to control the kite (from the boat), learn how to waterrelauch, enjoy the first bodydrags and try to take the board, put the feet in the footstraps and try the first watersart! 

LESSON 2 and more: you will watertart and experience the firsts rides. Control the kite, board and kite coordination, edging, speed contol.

Advanced lessons

We also offer advanced classes, coaching (starpless, freestyle, foiling...)